Live at the Spirit Ranch
01 Jun 2014 | Reggae



From left to right: Terry, Ben, Tommy, Chico and Steve.

Since its creation in 2008, the Gulf Coast-based Fiyah Wata  has been pleasing listeners with its unique, roots-based reggae music. Now an accomplished musical unit, Fiyah Wata prides itself on its versatility.

From the very beginning Fiyah Wata has been a melting pot of various musical influences. Each member brings their own unique musical perspective which, when brought together under the umbrella of Reggae, creates a musical style that is unique but true to the roots-reggae style of music.

With more than six years of live performance experience as a group, Fiyah Wata knows how to please a crowd. Having amassed a huge repertoire of original reggae as well as covers, no two shows are ever the same.

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Band Members
Tommy: Guitar, Vocals
Chico: Drums, Vocals
Terry: Percussion, Vocals
Steve: Lead Guitar
Ben: Bass